My name is Sara.  I am a multimedia content creator with an avid passion for communication in all its forms. 


I am equipped with an educational background in Journalism, Graphic Design, Photography and Video Production. Through my academic and professional career I have acquired solid skills in the transmission of information via a wide range of audiovisual and graphic supports. I have had the opportunity to take an active part in varied creative or communication projects, from inception to implementation.


Images, sounds and words are powerful. Finding the exact combination is key to create significant messages to successfully communicate concepts, values and ideas. Intangible as they often are, if rightly transmitted, ideas are capable of raising awareness, engaging audiences and inspiring movements.

That is why, as a communication professional, I aspire to accurately understand the nature and goals of each project. Discovering and defining its essence will lead to the best solution - fit to the most adequate platform, in the most appropriate format. I like to be close to the client as the project evolves, so that, together, we get to the best possible outcome.

createwa was born as a distinctive signature; it is the voice and visual expression of my professional projectBalance, clearness and harmony​ converge at its core. 


Camera Work     Video & Photo Editing       Writing    Graphic & Editorial Design 

Motion Graphics    Social Media      UI Design     Web Layout Design     Digital Campaigns